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A week ago, a customer from Nigeria sent us an email saying that he has now collected some suitable raw materials for fertilizer.He collect graular Urea, DAP, MOP, AS, LSG, powdery & liquid micro additives like Borax, Zinc, and also has a spare factory. Therefore, he wants to start a NPK fertilizer line. Nigerian customers have asked us how we can process these raw materials and produce fertilizers suitable for the Nigerian market.

What are the proper method of disposing the raw materials of Nigerian customer?

After understanding the needs of this Nigerian customer, our professionals gave a detailed production plan in the fertilizer industry.Because the customer currently has chemical raw materials, not poultry waste. These chemical raw materials are mainly Graular Urea, DAP, MOP, AS, LSG, powdery & liquid micro additives like Borax, Zinc.Therefore, it is the best solution to use these raw materials to produce compound fertilizers. After informing the customer that compound fertilizer is his best choice, we asked the customer about the budget in terms of capital. Because the Nigerian fertilizer market is not perfect, and the customer wants a production line with less investment.So we finally designed a production plan for our customer: a 30t/h BB compound fertilizer production line.

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What is the market value of a complete automatic NPK fertilizer BB line in Nigeria?

BB fertilizer is a bulk blending compound fertilizer. The production process of BB fertilizer is to physically mix different types of granular fertilizers such as urea, ammonium sulfate, potassium chloride, etc. according to the required proportions. BB fertilizer has a flexible formula and  balanced particle size.In addition,it has low water content, and no caking during storage.Therefore,it is favored by fertilizer manufacturers.At present, organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, BB fertilizers and other fertilizers can be found in the market. But compared with other fertilizer manufacturing processes, the BB fertilizer production process is the simplest and the investment is the least.

The BB fertilizer production line occupies a small area, even a 50m2 factory can start your BB fertilizer production.Besides, the process is simple and easy to operate, and you can get profits in a short time.

  • Compared with organic fertilizer equipment, BB fertilizer production equipment is relatively simple.It only includ batching machine and mixer.Besides,in terms of BB fertilizer production process, the BB fertilizer has the advantage of small investment.

  • In terms of fertilizer formula, BB fertilizer equipment can make a variety of products by adjusting the ingredients and proportions of the formula during the production process. Therefore, BB fertilizer has also become the best choice for fertilizer manufacturers to balance fertilization.What’ more, because of its flexible formula, it is very suitable for promotion and testing soil formula fertilizer needs.

List of fertilizer blending plants in Nigeria

Generally speaking, a complete BB fertilizer production line includes three parts : batching machine, mixer, packaging machine. There are also some auxiliary equipment including conveyor belt, bucket elevator, etc.

In order to meet the production needs of Nigerian customers and make full use of the nutritional value of raw materials to achieve fertilizer benefits, we designed a complete automatic BB fertilizer mixing production line for him: a urea pulverizer, which is used to pulverize the urea particles in the raw materials to achieve uniform raw materials. ; 4 batching silos, one of which is designed to adjust the nutrients required in the fertilizer with liquid micro-additives; 2 micro silos for adding powdered fertilizers on the same pallet conveyor; a continuous moving type belt conveyor; 3 double-shaft horizontal mixers, after the automatic batching equipment, the working principle is that the material enters the mixing tank for continuous mixing of the mixed powder; 2 double-bucket automatic packaging scales;a bucket elevator is used to send the material to the packaging system; an automatic palletizer, instead of manual palletizing, greatly improves work efficiency.

  • Our complete BB fertilizer mixing production line designed for Nigerian customers is highly automated. Moreover, we constantly integrate advanced accessories from the domestic and foreign ,such as the Siemens,Schneider,ABB, Delixi, Baosteel ,and other excellent accessories.We always provide our customers equipment with easily and stable operation. And using Germany Siemens PLC centralized control system, can help you realize fully automatic in the whole production process.

BB fertilizer production proposal for Nigeria

 To avoid blindly producing BB fertilizers,we provide some BB fertilizer production proposal for Nigeria customer.The soil surveys before BB fertilizer production can provide scientific information for soil testing and formula fertilization, ensuring that agricultural production can maintain crop yields even when the amount of chemical fertilizers is reduced. In addition, soil surveys before BB fertilizer production can reduce agricultural production costs and prevent resource waste and fertilizer pollution caused by excessive fertilization.

NPK 15 15 15 fertilizer manufacturers in Nigeria

The customer told us that NPK15-15-15 fertilizer is urgently needed in the Nigerian market and asked us for production advice. The generic formulation of npk fertilizers generally does not take into account the type of crop and has a wide range of applications. However, how to prepare a general-purpose NPK fertilizer for Nigeria? Customers only need to use npk mixing equipment to mechanically produce qualified general NPK, such as: npk15-15-15, npk12-12-12, npk10-10-10. Or according to the soil fertility characteristics in Nigeria, or the nutrient requirement characteristics of most crops, such as: N:P:K≈1.2:1:0.8. Our NPK mixing plant designed for our Nigerian client is equipped with a batching machine system fully capable of producing a process for the npk15-15-15 line that meets these ratios. Finally, we also successfully helped Nigerian customers to become the manufacturer of npk15-15-15 fertilizer.

How we helped our customers become suppliers in Nigeria and successfully start the fertilizer business?

  • To flexibly respond to various needs of Nigerian customers, we provide free process design drawings, configuration plans.Besides,we provide customers with comprehensive and in-depth customized solutions.

  • We continue to integrate domestic and foreign advanced accessories, such as Siemens, ABB, Delixi, Baosteel and other excellent accessories.Therefore,we can always provide customers with convenient and stable equipment. Besides,we adopt the German Siemens PLC centralized control system to help customers realize the automatic production process.

  • We can send specialized after-sales service personnel to the NPK fertilizer factory of Nigerian customers.They can  guide the installation and commissioning of the production line. In addition, operators are trained on-site to ensure follow-up production for customers.

  • We have advanced machines to manufacture the products that customers want to customize. ShunXin dispatched engineering technology to measure and plan the NPK fertilizer plant site for a Nigerian customer.Besides,we design a production line configuration scheme according to the plant layout and local environment.

In short, no matter what you want, npk granulator,npk powder,npk blenders fertilizer production line, we can give you a very pertinent suggestion. We promise that you can buy our high-quality fertilizer plant equipment at the lowest price in our ShunXin. No matter you have any production needs or equipment requirements, we can customize it for you. Please let us know about any of your needs, including the raw materials you have.Whether there is a fertilizer plant and the size of the site, and how much capacity you want.We are ready to provide you with professional solutions for your own fertilizer production business. So please feel free to contact us to start your fertilizer production plan as soon as possible!

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