This NPK 20-10-10 production line is used for producing compound fertilizer with the annual output of 100,000 tons. The line adopts key equipment rotary drum granulator which has large capacity for fertilizer granulation. Moreover, it can be used for producing high, medium and low concentrated compound fertilizer. Other machines in this fertilizer production line include batching machine, pan mixer, chain crusher, belt conveyor, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, rotary screen, rotary drum coating machine, and automatic packing machine.

  • Customized chemical-based npk 20-10-10 fertilizers made by ShunXin equipment sold exclusively in fertilizer markets with high acceptability due to high-quality standards.Therefore, in ShunXin, you can get the best production line designed to maximize compound fertilizer yield and quality.We always provide complete sets of equipment for compound fertilizer production and solutions for our esteemed customers.

Raw materials selection to granular fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium production

Granular NPK 20-10-10 is a compound fertilizer designed to maximize crop yield and quality. How to realize the perfect formula?Some simple and common materials can complete the ratio.

  • On the one hand, good raw materials can produce high-quality&efficient npk20-10-10. For example, urea as nitrogen source; monoammonium phosphate and diammonium phosphate as phosphorus source; potassium sulfate and potassium chloride as potassium source .This raw material ratio combined with the drum granulation production line produced each granule of granular 20-10-10 containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

  • On the other hand,after a soil survey, additional trace elements are required, you can upgrade the fertilizer formula to produce NPK20-10-10+10s. NPK 20-10-10 + 10S is a compound 2:1:1 plus sulphur ideal as a general purpose fertilizer ideal for extensive grass and cereal growing. What are the sources of sulfate fertilizer? According to ShunXin’s many years of fertilizer experience, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate and ferric sulfate are good choices. As well as it has secondary micronutrients and provides balanced nutrition to meet the nutritional needs of the crop.Therefore, this is an important fertilizer for plant growth. Granular NPK 20-10-10+10S contains a perfect combination of water soluble and ammonium soluble phosphates.

    Therefore, it will have greater usability in plants on a wide range of soil types and longer phosphorus life.At the same time, its balanced nitrogen source enables faster growth responses, higher yields and greater yields. In addition, a more efficient nitrogen source means less nutrient loss to the environment.Whether you want to make npk 20-10-10 or npk 20-10-10+10s,100,000 t/y rotary drum granulator manufacturing line for NPK 20-10-10 can meet your production need.


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2 Methods For You To Make Fertilizer For Your NPK 20-10-10 Fertilizer Plant

If you want to start NPK20-10-10 fertilizer plants, there are something you should know about the NPK20-10-10 fertilizer making process. Here we provide you two methods for your NPK20-10-10 fertilizer granulation production line: wet and dry processing.

Using wet processing technology for npk fertilizer production, it is suitable for you add water or vapor into fertilizer powders during the granulation process. This processing technology is a main method for NPK compound fertilizer manufacturing. Meanwhile, for your different processing requirements, we provide pan granulation machine and rotating drum granulator for processing NPK20-10-10 compound fertilizers.

Another NPK fertilizer production process is dry extrusion NPK fertilizer producing. It takes advantages of extrusion force for pressing dry NPK materials powders into pellets. If you use this method for making NPK20-10-10 fertilizer granules, you do not need to add binders or liquid for improving the adhesive force. Moreover, it can reduce consumption of drying process. For your information, it is suitable for you to process the powders, whose moisture content is under 5%.

pan granulator design

Key Fertilizer Machine You Need To Know To Make a Compound 2:1:1 Ideal As a General Purpose Fertilizer

The granulation technological process of npk compound fertilizer production line can be usually divided into:

First, raw materials are allocated in strict accordance with the proportion. The raw materials includes urea,ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulphate, ammonium phosphate (monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, single superphosphate, and coarse whiting), potassium chloride,potassium sulfate and etc. The strict allocation ratio of raw materials guarantee the high fertilizer efficiency.

Raw materials are mixed together in flat pan mixer which can stir materials evenly to improve the fertilizer efficiency.

The chain crusher machine will crush the large material into small pieces which can meet the demands of granulation. Then the belt conveyor will send the materials to pan granulator to granulate.

Rotary drum fertilizer granulator adopts large inlet and outlet structure. So it can produce npk pellets up to 30 tons per hour. Besides, the granulation rate can reach above 95%, which has one of the best granulation ratios among all fertilizer granulator. In addition, it is equipped with rubber lining. It is not easy to corrode your machine and has a longer service life to reduce your npk fertilizer machinery cost. And it can produce uniform and nice appearance granules.In a word, rotary drum granulator is an indispensable machine in compound fertilizer production line.

Vertical crusher
Rotary drum granualtor
batching machine

Tips For Manufacturing Process Of High Quality NPK 20-10-10 Fertilizer

For a successful npk fertilizer manufacturer, it should not only produce high quality npk fertilizer, but also want to sell it at a good price. So what should npk makers do? In order to solve the doubts of fertilizer manufacturers, we have designed some auxiliary equipment in the npk fertilizer production line, which can improve the quality of npk fertilizer and obtain a good profit:

  • Dryer can increase the strength of granular NPK fertilizer.The moisture and strength of granular NPK20-10-10fertilizer have the special packaging requirements. Therefore, you need to use a fertilizer dyer to remove excess water.

  • Cooler is a good choice for improving npk quality.After the drying process, there is a high temperature on the surface of the NPK fertilizer granules. Now you can use the cooler. The cooler reduces the surface temperature of the NPK fertilizer granules for further packing. In addition, the cooler can recycle the dust produced by the collision of npk fertilizer particles.

  • The Coating machine prevents the lumps of npk compound fertilizer.During the coating process, the coating machine can improve the fluidity of NPK compound fertilizer granules.For effectively preventing the lumps of npk compound fertilizer, you can use our rotary coating machine.The complete equipment of rotary coating machine consists of spiral conveyor,mixing tank ,oil pump and main engine.It adopts powdering powder or liquid coating process,which is an effective npk compound fertilizer equipment.Moreover, if you want to increase the brightness and roundness of the granules, our coating machine can help you make the appearance more beautiful and finally sell out at better prices.

coating machine
cooler machine
dryer machine

100,000 T/Y NPK Fertilizer Production Line Cost


Different prices for different production capacity

Different npk granulation production line have different production capacity, different equipment and different prices. Common npk granulation line costs mainly include production equipment, water, electricity, site, and labor. Our ShunXin can make the most reasonable production plan according to your production capacity requirements and budget.Generally,within 450,000$,you can set up a npk20-10-10 granules plant for 20t/h.

The rotary drum granulator line can be operated 300day per year, 12 hours a day. If pelleting production system can operate 1 shift or 2 shift, it will be better than 3 shifts a day. In this way, the annual production capacity can reach 100,000 mt per year. If you want to achieve other scale production or upgrade fertilizer production line, we have many options for you to choose.

granulator design
cooler design
The production technology is also related to the cost

In addition, the technical process in the production is different, and the granulation cost of the npk20-10-10 granulation plant is also different. For example, dry granulation is cheaper than wet granulation, and the process is simple, but the quality of npk granules cannot reach the highest; while wet granulation has a perfect process.It can help you obtain high-quality npk granules and sell them at a good prices.

If you need a npk granular fertilizer quotation, please feel free to contact us with your production raw materials and capacity requirements, and our professionals will make price of a whole fertilizer manufacturing line of npk granules for you.

How to choose high-quality machinery manufacturers of NPK20-10-10 Production Line?

For the smooth production of your npk20-10-10 fertilizer, it is very important to choose a high-quality fertilizer equipment manufacturer, just like a chef must have a good set of cooking utensils before cooking.How to choose high-quality fertilizer machinery manufacturers?You can find the websites of npk equipment manufacturers you are interested in on Google Chrome to learn about their products and services. Or follow fan messages on social media such as YouTube and Facebook. You can also follow prices and products on shopping platforms such as Amazon evaluation, etc. These methods can help you filter out high-quality npk equipment manufacturers.

During the period of 2021-2022, our ShunXin was rated as the annual high-quality npk equipment manufacturer by customers. So we are confident to meet your diverse needs and hope you can trust us to cooperate with us.Whether you want to configure equipment for any npk granulates production line, we can meet your needs or even customize it for you.We look forward to your experience of our Shunxin’s special services as soon as possible.

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