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How do we provide gypsum management solution for Indian customers?

  • On June 9, 2022, our Shunxin and Indian customers successfully cooperated a new fertilizer business: Gypsum fertilizer granulation production line. Gypsum fertilizer granulation production line is one of the compound fertilizer granulation production lines designed by ShunXin. Because using special gypsum as raw material, it becomes one of Shunxin’s hot-selling fertilizer production lines in 2022. From the initial communication with Indian customers to the final cooperation, we have won the trust of Indian customers.

  • After browsing our fertilizer website, this Indian customer learned that our company can handle gypsum raw materials. So email to us for a gypsum management solution. After receiving the email from the client, our professionals responded immediately. The client informed us that he now operates gypsum building products in India, but the debris in the gypsum factory is not well managed. After understanding the needs of customers, our professionals have designed a reasonable gypsum management plan: to help customers begin gypsum fertilizer granulation production lines. This not only helps the customer to deal with the gypsum chips, but also brings additional profit to the customer.

  • Our professionals have carefully designed key fertilizer equipment for Indian customers. As a building material, gypsum can be used as a cement retarder and gypsum building products. However, as an agricultural fertilizer, gypsum can also be used to improve alkaline soils. It is used in general neutral or acidic soils. Gypsum can improve soil structure, and can also supply calcium and sulfur components. Agricultural gypsum is both a fertilizer and a soil conditioner. Among the 16 nutrients that crops need, there are calcium and sulfur. The main component of gypsum is calcium sulfate, which contains both calcium and sulfur, so it is also a fertilizer.

  • In addition, there are many advantages to making gypsum fertilizer into round pellets.On the one hand, fertilizer granulation improves agricultural technology and play the role of slow release of fertilizer efficacy. Besides,it is convenient to apply fertilizer and not easy to be blown away by the wind. On the other hand, good granular makes the fertilizer not easy to agglomerate and has better transport performance.

3t/h drum granulation gypsum fertilizer production line

Because Indian customers expressed strong interested in our designed fertilizer production solution, they consulted us for the specific details of the production line. After considering the quantity of gypsum raw materials in the customer’s factory, ShunXin designed a 3t/h drum granulation line for Indian customers within the budget. It includes crusher, batching machine, blender, rotary drum granulator, screen machine, drying cooler,coating machine, packaging machine, etc. The rotary drum pelletizer granulator model is SXZGZ-1240 ,and its power is 5.5kw. Our company equips customer’s fertilizer plant with our hot-selling rotary drum pelletizer line.The rotary drum designs large inlet and outlet for granular fertilizer. You can operate rotary drum granulator line 300day per year, 12 hours a day. In this way, the annual production capacity can reach 10,000 mt per year at least. Besides, it can help you produce high-quality compound fertilizer pellets for selling a good price. At the same time, we design fertilizer equipment within the rubber lining. It is not easy to corrode your machine and has a longer service life to reduce your fertilizer machinery cost.


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ShunXin equipment produce a higher quality of gypsum fertilizer

Generally, gypsum fertilizer should not have more than 5% moisture.Because too much water will affect the effect of the fertilizer.Therefore, in order to help the Indian customers to produce a higher quality of gypsum fertilizer, we have specially designed the rotary drum drying cooler in the production line.Customer can use a fertilizer dyer to remove excess water. In addition, cooler is also a good choice for improving fertilizer quality.After the drying process, there is a high temperature on the surface of the gypsum fertilizer granules. The cooler reduces the surface temperature of the fertilizer granules for further packing.

  • From the raw materials can also solve the problem of too high water.

In the production process of fertilizer, according to the nature of the fertilizer itself, you can mix with a small amount of bentonite. Bentonite has many roles in fertilizer production, it can reduce the water content of fertilizer and avoid fertilizer agglomeration. Moreover, it can increase the hardness of fertilizer particles, which is conducive to the transportation, preservation and use of fertilizer.

  • For making Indian customers pellets smoother and more beautiful, we also provide coating machine for him.

Because coating them can prevent the aggregation of npk fertilizer. Moreover, if you want to increase the round and uniform with shining of the granules, our coating machine can also meet your requirements.

We supply after-sales service ensure the operation of customers fertilizer production line

We send specialized after-sales service personnel to the compound fertilizer factory of Indian customers to guide the installation and commissioning of the production line. In addition, we can help you tranin workers to operate this fertilizer machine.Customers trust our professionalism and we give the lowest quotation. Finally, we successfully reached the cooperation.Therefore, our ShunXin fertilizer equipment was also successfully sold to the India.If you also want to cooperate with us, welcome to consult!

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