In recent years, more and more fertilizer manufacturers have chosen to use double roller pellet production lines to produce compound fertilizers. The double roller extrusion granulation line adopts excellent fertilizer granulation equipment. In addition,this granulation line uses a dry process. Dry technology has to be applied for getting the best quality of granulation fertilizer. What’s more, the double-roll granulation line has many advantages, such as its simple production process and low investment. Our company has designed a series of roll granulation lines with different capacities for you to choose. As a fertilizer equipment manufacturer with many years of experience, we can also provide you some fertilizer formulations or advice on the operation and maintenance of the twin-roll extrusion granulation line. Of course, we can provide you with more comprehensive technical support if you need .

What is the application of the roller extrusion production line?

Our company has 17 years of experience selling fertilizer equipment.Therefore, we can give you advice on the raw materials, technology support and formulas for producing compound fertilizer.

  • Dry Extrusion Phosphate Fertilizer Processing

    The roller extrusion production line can help you make phosphate compound fertilizer. Because phosphate fertilizer production process is dry extrusion phosphate fertilizer producing. At the same time ,this line has a dry extrusion technology. It is suitable for you to process the powders, whose moisture content is under 5%. It takes advantages of extrusion force for pressing dry phosphate fertilizer powders into pellets. If you use this line for making phosphate fertilizer granules, you do not need to add binders or liquid for improving the adhesive force. Therefore, it can reduce consumption of drying process.

  • Based Ammonium Chloride To Produce NPK Compound Fertilizer

    The aqueous solution of ammonium chloride is weakly acidic and more acidic upon heating.It is corrosive to black metal and other metals, especially to copper, and has no corrosion effect on pig iron.Therefore, when you are choosing the equipment, you should use a strong rot-resistant fertilizer machinery.In addition, If you want use ammonium chloride to manufacture compound fertilizer , you can also prepare it for the fertilizer business.The product has two production processes:You can add urea in it to produce urea based compound fertilizer. Or you can add MAP,DOP and potassium chloride to make NPK15-15-15.You need to note that ammonium chloride is easy to block, usually with the addition of anti-blocking agent to prevent the product agglomeration in manufacturing process.

  • Producing Borax Granules

    In agricultural production, many agricultural fertilizers began produce borax or boric acid granules as fertilizer.Many people do not know the role of boric acid in agricultural, what is the role of borax in fertilizer production?The role of borax is generally based on the conditions of soil, the growth and development stage of crops, and the types of crops and other factors.Appropriate use, reasonable fertilization, and strive to give full play to the effect of fertilizer, to prevent excessive application of boron and fertilizer damage.If you have other raw materials or need other fertilizer lines, contact us.Our professionals will design specialized fertilizer production schemes for you.

Solubility of ammonium chloride in water
temperature solubility
0 29.4
10 33.3
20 37.2
30 41.4
40 45.8
50 50.4
60 55.2
70 60.2
80 65.6
90 71.3
100 77.3
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How does the roller production line work?

Generally speaking, a complete fertilizers production line needs fertilizer crusher, mixing facilities, fertilizer granulator equipment, screening machines, coating facility and fertilizer packing machine. The double roller extrusion equipment is working for granulating.

Using the crushing machine to pulverize the raw materials between 50 mesh and 100 mesh and then feed them into the feeding machine. Then you can transport the materials into mixer by belt conveyor.

The roller extrusion granulator machine will granulate materials into pellets. Simply replace the roller skin and you get different shapes of granular fertilizer.

The screening machine can screen the qualified pellet and unqualified pellets.You can re-granulate the unqualified pellets again by the roller granulator.

Film coating can not only increase the hardness of fertilizer particles, but also prevent adhesion and facilitate transportation.

Small scale compound fertilizer business: 2 Ton Per Hour Dry Roller Extrusion Granulation Production Line

This 2 ton per hour dry roller extrusion granulation production line can help you start your fertilizer business.In the granulation line, there are five steps for compound fertilizer production. They are crushing,mixing, granulating screening and packing. Therefore,you need to spend about $60,000 to buy the 2t/h granulator fertilizer line. For deploying this line, you should buy the vertical crusher, pan mixer, double-roller granulator,fertilizer screening machine,belt conveyor and fertilizer packing machine. In addition, you’d better prepare about 800m2 to install this 2t/h compound fertilizer granulation line. Because of the low cost and small floor area, the 2t/h compound fertilizer granulation line is more suitable for small scale compound NPK fertilizer making plant.

If you have some powder, which is not suitable for pelletizing by wet granulation tech.It is applicable for you to use this machine as granulator for forming your fertilizer production line. If you need to produce pellets with large scale, we also has rotary drum granulation line for your reference. What’s more, if you have any other needs, we can also customize for you.

On the one hand, the cost of a complete double roller granulation line depends on your production capacity.Different capacities have different requirements for equipment. For example, small-capacity fertilizer production requires only a few critical equipment, such as crushers, mixers, and granulator. However, high-capacity fertilizer production requires highly configured equipment. These different capacity equipment models are different. Therefore, they are all sold at different prices. If you would like a specific quote for your fertilizer line, please contact us.

On the other hand, the process of roller extrusion production line is simple.Because it without complex waste gas treatment device.We guarantee to provide the lowest price to your satisfaction.Moreover, you can use the double roller extrusion granulation production line produced by SX.There is no need to dry the fertilizer materials. Therefore, you can save the drying process through using the double roller pellet press granulation equipment. You will cost less than 30 kw in an hour by using the SX double roller pellet machine. In this way, you can cut down the energy consumption and save the investment.

How to maintain the double roller production line to effectively manufacturing?

Compound fertilizer production equipment in operation and discharge, actually will produce certain dust. If not timely cleaning maintenance, dust will enter the equipment such as each connection, accumulated, more and more, the greater the equipment connection friction will be. Even can cause the accumulation of germs,thus cause certain corrosion to equipment, affect the performance of the equipment.Therefore, we suggest that your staff need to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the compound fertilizer equipment.

In the normal operation of the compound fertilizer production line, our staff also need to pay attention to the lubrication degree of the connection of each equipment. The long-term use of the equipment is a severe test for the equipment lubrication.Once there is a lag, the friction of the equipment will increase.only high lubrication will provide good power support for the operation of organic fertilizer equipment, and the staff should develop a good habit of regular cleaning and maintaining the equipment.

In addition, motor friction also needs to be paid attention to, otherwise it will affect the use effect of organic fertilizer equipment, and the staff should pay attention to check the operation of the motor at all times.Especially before the load operation, should check the motor line and update any damage immediately to ensure safe operation.

How can we help Ecuadors customers produce special tomato fertilizer with double roller production line?

According to the characteristics of tomato fertilizer and the effect of various mineral elements on tomatoes, we have designed the following tomato-specific fertilizer production plan for Ecuadorian customers.

  • Step 1: Determine the ratio of raw materials.

    The active ingredient nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content in the tomato compound fertilizer.The nitrogen is 8-20 parts; phosphorus: 5-15 parts; potassium: 7-20 parts. We suggest adding trace elements boron, zinc and phytohormones in the fertilizer production process.It can improve the quality and yield of tomatoes.The amount of addition is: boron: 0-5-2.0 parts; zinc: 0-5-2:- 4EF servings; hormones: 0.04-0.1 servings. Hormones can be selected as EF plant growth promoters, as well as zinc sulfate, borax, etc. According to the required amount of active ingredients in the formula and the content of the finished product, find out how many finished products are needed, and then compound the finished fertilizers containing various active ingredients according to the process.

  • Step 2: start the operation of the roller production line

    In order to ensure the accurate ratio of raw materials, we have equipped our customers with three dynamic batching bins in the double-roll production line; the three double-roll granulators are running at the same time to improve the production capacity. The well-proportioned raw materials, trace elements and hormones are pulverized, mixed, granulated, sieved, and dried to make granules with perfect shapes.

Why choose us to help you start granulator compound fertilizer business?

Firstly, our company has its own popularity on major websites. You can get more information through YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and other channels. We have published the production process and installation method of our npk equipment products.Except for npk granulator machines, we can also provide you complete npk granulates fertilizer production lines.Based your production conditions,we can recommend the most suitable machine for you. It should be noted that different raw materials and scales have different npk particle production schemes. It is very important for you to choose a reasonable fertilizer solution and equipment.We will give you the maximum profit with the least money.

In short, no matter what you want, npk granulator, or a complete npk fertilizer granulation line, we can give you a very suitable suggestion. So please feel free to contact us for your npk compound fertilizer business as soon as possible.Moreover, we can send our installation engineer to your place to instruct installation, commissioning , and training your staff.

    If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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