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Disc Pan Granulator

We have designed disc granulator with different specifications. It can meet any production needs of your particle diameter of 0.5 ~ 3.5m. The screening function of the disc granulator itself is an important feature of it.It can save you production costs in fertilizer production.

rotary drum granulator
rotary drum granulator

We design the rotary drum pellet machine with many advantages such as no pollution, high economic efficiency and special design.y. You can use the SX rotary drum granulation machine to produce 1-30 tons of the high quality fertilizer particles in an hour.

Double Roller Granulator

Fertilizer making machine Double Roller Granulator is a small capacity granualtor. The double roller granulation making line have a lower cost than other granulation line.Because the roller compaction granulator uses dry extrusion to make fertilizer granules.

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Fertilizer Manufacturing Process

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Now you only need equip machinery to get start your NPK fertilizer business, determine the ratio of npk you want to produce and the capacity of the npk plant you want to operate.Shunxin has a complete NPK fertilizer production equipment.

Free Project Design

We can provide free process design drawing,configuration plan, forward guidance according to your requirements to NPK fertilizer plant.

Installation Guide for Site

We can assign special after-sales service worker to your NPK fertilizer plant for guiding you to install and debug the production line.

Featured Customized Service

We will send engineering technologies to measure and plan your NPK fertilizer plant site, and the configuration plan of production line.

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A set of compound fertilizer machinery

Every step in the npk fertilizer manufacturing process is different and the equipment required is also different. So a qualified npk fertilizer manufacturer should strictly check each equipment, only in this way can you produce high-quality npk fertilizer efficiently.

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Cases & Solutions

Latest project solutions for customers compost fertilizer production plant!

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