NPK15-15-15 is a kind of compound fertilizer. This triple 15NPK fertilizer is an active bio fertilize.You can mix them directly in the soil where crops are grown.Therefore, this is an important fertilizer for plant growth.Pelleting fertilizer production line can make npk15-15-15.NPK fertilizer is a combination of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).Therefore,each npk 1 5-15-15 pellet contains precisely tailored/balanced amounts of NPK. In ShunXin, you can get the best production line designed to maximize compound fertilizer yield and quality.

Manufacturing NPK15-15-15 For Sale

Our npk15-15-15 granular fertilizer production line have professional formulas to meet precise crop requirements. The 15-15-15  is one of the most highly efficient sources of N, P and K available.Therefore, you can use the advanced fertilizer equipment to produce the granular NPK15-15-15 fertilizer to ensure the accuracy in every step of the production process.Our complete npk production line can help you produce high quality npk for sale.

Currently, in the fertilizer market, the price range of npk15-15-15 is: 100.00 – 1000.00 USD ($)/Metric Ton. Therefore, higher quality fertilizer will also get higher investment returns. So starting your npk15-15-15 fertilizer business with our equipment is a great option.

Sulphate-Based To Produce NPK15-15-15

Because sulfate is easy to obtain and has strong stability. Therefore npk production with sulfate is an economical production scheme.The sulfate mainly includes ammonium sulfate and potassium sulfate.In addition, diammonium phosphate, ammonium nitrate phosphorus are also the main fertilizer raw materials.Their specific content is as follows:Dimmonium phosphate contains N 16.5%, P2O5 45.5%; ammonium sulfate contains N21.2%; potassium sulfate contains K2O 51%;Ammonium nitrate phosphorus contains N 32.2%, P2O5 5%.In short,the npk fertilizer nutrients finally manufactured from these raw materials include N 15.0%、P2O5 15.0%、K2O 15.0%, and total nutrients is 45%.


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Granular NPK 15-15-15 Fertilizer Plant Price

NPK 15-15-15 fertilizer is granular in appearance, which is a kind of granular fertilizer made by granulation equipment.But what the seize of pellets is the best ?According to the fertilizer evaluation results, when the npk fertilizer pelleting size is in 2.2-4.75mm, the fertilizer effect is the best. So if you make the raw materials granular into this best seize, the choice of granulator machine is very important.The different size of granular NPK plant has different price. How to choose the most suitable pelleting equipment for your NPK 15-15-15 plant?We recommend some popular pelletizer machine to you:

  • Line for small and medium NPK fertilizer plant

This is a disc pelleting line designed for small and medium size NPK 15-15-15 fertilizer plant.

Pan pelletizer granulator model: SXYZ-1800

Pelleting diameter of disc: 1800mm

Motor powder:3kw

Disc pelletizer capacity: 0.8-1.2 t/h

Disc dimensions:2060*1700*2130

Disc pelleting line has the advantages of less investment cost and quick returns.It is very suitable for manufacturers who have just started the production of npk compound fertilizers. If the 1t/h production line works for 10 hours a day. It is estimated that it can produce 10t npk fertilizer per day, and the annual output can reach 3000t.This 1t/h disc fertilizer pelleting machine is a perfect choose for small scale npk fertilizer plant. Besides, the 1t/h granulation production line investment cost is only about 100,000$.

  • Line for large scale NPK fertilizer plant

This is a rotary drum pelletizer line designed for large size NPK 15-15-15 fertilizer plant.

Rotary drum pelletizer granulator model: SXZGZ-3210

Pelleting diameter of disc: 3200mm

Motor powder:37kw

Disc pelletizer capacity: 15-30 t/h

We design this large-scale fertilizer plant with our hot-selling rotary drum pelletizer line.The rotary drum designs large inlet and outlet for high yield of granular fertilizer. It can produce npk pellets up to 30 tons per hour. You can operate the rotary drum granulator line 300 days per year, 12 hours a day. If pelleting production system can operate 1 shift or 2 shift, it will be better than 3 shifts a day. In this way, the annual production capacity can reach 108,000 mt per year. Although the budget is about 400,000$, it can help you produce high-quality npk pellets for selling a good price. At the same time, it equips rubber lining. It is not easy to corrode your machine and has a longer service life to reduce your npk machinery cost.

Fertilizer pelleting is the key step for efficient NPK fertilizer production. How to choose best fertilizer pelletizer ? Disc or rotary drum granulation line all the good choose for npk fertilizer plant. To choose one of them ,customers can consider their different production capacity according to NPK fertilizer plant is small or large scale. If you have small npk plant, the disc pelletizer line will help you expend fertilizer business.However, after you have large scale npk plant,the drum pelleting line can produce high-quality fertilizer for long profit.No matter you need pelleting machine or complete NPK granulation production line,we can provide you best solution.More detailed info on NPK fertilizer granulation,please contact us now.

Automatic Fertilizer Plant for NPK 15-15-15 Manufacturing Process

To produce a high-quality NPK15-15-15 granular fertilizer, only the granulation equipment is not enough.How to design a complete NPK granular fertilizer production line ?The whole technological process of this NPK15-15-15 is: crushing→mixing→granulation→drying→cooling→coating→measured packaging. There may also be a screening process after the granulation process.

Crush and mix ammonium sulfate and potassium sulfate, diammonium phosphate and ammonium nitrate, and separate them in batching machine.

First, you should formula the ratio of raw materials according to the formula NPK15-15-15.Next,you can feed them in the order of ammonium sulfate and potassium sulfate, diammonium phosphate and ammonium nitrate. At the same time, mixing time is 5 minutes to ensure that the raw materials are mixed evenly. The discharge time of materials is controlled at about 6min, and it cannot be fast or slow, so as not to affect the granulation quality.

In the disc or drum granulator, according to the requirements of the wet granulation process, steam is used as a binder for mixing and granulation. At the same time, some micronutrients can be added to the binder. It can improve the quality of npk15-15-15 granular fertilizer.

Screen the mixed material through a screening machine. In addition, check the finished product to ensure that the particles in the finished product are uniform. Generally,the particle diameter of the finished fertilizer is 2~5mm.

In the drum dryer, use 80~110C flue gas to dry the mixture.

In the drum cooler, reduce the temperature of the mixture below 50 degrees.Meanwhile, the water content should be within 10%.

You can use powdering powder or liquid coating process.It can prevent the lumps of compound fertilizer effectively.

The finished npk15-15-15 fertilizer packaged into 9kg/9.5kg/25kg/ bag.

NPK compound fertilizer
pan granulation line
100000 tons per year rotary drum granulation line

How Do We Design You A Equipment to Make Precisely Tailored&Balanced Amounts of NPK?

To avoid blindly producing BB fertilizers, soil surveys before npk fertilizer production can provide scientific information for formula fertilization. Because it can ensure you make precisely tailored&balanced amounts of NPK15-15-15. In addition, soil surveys can reduce agricultural production costs and prevent resource waste and fertilizer pollution. How to avoid blindly producing npk fertilizer ?It depends on what raw materials you have. Because the raw materials you have determines what kind of fertilizer you can produce.You can batch the raw materials acording to the nutrient elements lacking in the soil survey in the early stage.

Generally, basal fertilizer granules contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If you have researched the composition of your fertilized soil,you need a special nutrient mixer to achieve the conditions best suited to your soil crops.So our dynamic batching equipment can provide you with the solution.Moreover,if you use the manual operation method, the efficiency is not only low, but also the quality requirements cannot be met. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a dynamic batching machine to improve production efficiency.Moreover, the total height of the feeder does not exceed 2m, and the loader can easily load the material.

dynamic batching machine
batching machine

Risk of The All-purpose NPK Fertilizer Effect Loss is Fast , How to Do During Production?

Because NPK15-15-15 fertilizer efficiency plays more quickly, in manufacturing process.So you can adopt the coating technology to slow-release fertilizer efficiency in the production line.Besides,it can ensure that the soil and crops fully absorb the nutrients in the fertilizer.

  • The coating technology can slow release the fertilizer efficiency of npk15-15-15 compound fertilizer. Besides, in the coating process, the coating technology can improve the fluidity of NPK compound fertilizer pellets and prevent caking. For slow release of npk15-15-15 fertilizer, you can use our coating machine.It is an effective npk compound fertilizer equipment. Also, if you want to increase the brightness and roundness of your particles, our coating machine can also help you make the appearance more beautiful.Ultimately,you can sell them at a good price.

Packing 9kg/9.5kg/25kg/ Bag NPK15-15-15 Compound Fertilizer

Generally,you can pack NPK15-15-15 granular fertilizer into hot-selling 9kg/9.5kg/25kg/ Bag. Automatic packaging equipment include single bucket and double bucket. It is suitable for small to large NPK fertilizer plants. In addition,you can use our automatic fertilizer packaging machine in organic, bio-organic and compound fertilizer production lines. At the same time,the accuracy of the packaging equipment is about 0.2%. It integrates the functions of encapsulation and sealing. Therefore, automatic packaging machines are efficient and precise.

 5 Amazing Features of The NPK15-15-15 You Will Get By Using ShunXin Fertilizer Production Line

  • The granular of npk15-15-15  have beautiful appearance, and smooth surface.Besides,it has no peculiar smell.
  • The npk fertilizer pellets are uniform, and the nutrient content of each npk fertilizer is the same.Therefore, other similar products is difficult to compare with npk15-15-15.
  • The pellets have high hardness and high compressive strength. They are not easily broken during transportation.Besides, the surface layer of the pellets adopts our coating technology. It uniquely and effectively prevents moisture absorption and agglomeration. At the same time, it can enhance fluidity, and facilitates fertilization operations.
  • The fertilizer of npk15-15-15 has good water solubility and dissolves quickly. Moreover, the npk fertilizer effect is fast and the application is safe.

What is The Application of NPK15-15-15

  1. NPK15-15-15 is applicable to all cropsin agriculture. Therefore,it is especially suitable for cash crops such as citrus (sugar orange, navel orange, honey pomelo), watermelon, grape, vegetable, banana, fruit cane, strawberry, lychee, mango, tea and flowers.
  2. The ratio of NPK is 1:1:1, which is a general formula. Therefore,you can use it as base fertilizer and top dressing, it is easy to fertilize.
  3. This fertilizer has high phosphorus content. Therefore,it can effectively promote the development of root system in the early stage of crops. In addition,if you use it during the flowering period, it can promote flowering and fruiting.

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