Why BB fertilizer production is the right choice for manufacturers?

Blended fertilizers, you can call it BB fertilizers and dry-mixed fertilizers.They are chemical fertilizers containing any two or three of the three nutrient elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You can get it through simple mechanical mixing. Besides,there is no significant chemical reaction during the mixing BB fertilizer production process.

In terms of production process

Compared with organic fertilizer equipment, BB fertilizer production equipment is relatively simple.It is only include batching machine and mixer.So BB fertilizer has the advantage of small investment.

In terms of fertilizer formula

BB fertilizer equipment can make a variety of products by adjusting the ingredients and proportions of the formula during the production process. Therefore, BB fertilizer has also become the best choice for fertilizer manufacturers to balance fertilization.What’ more, because of its flexible formula, it is very suitable for promotion and testing soil formula fertilizer needs. Among the various fertilizers, they mainly include compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers, etc., the proportion of BB fertilizers accounts for more than half of the total fertilizers.

How can you reduce the blindness of BB fertilizer production?

To avoid blindly producing BB fertilizers, soil surveys before BB fertilizer production can provide scientific information for soil testing and formula fertilization, ensuring that agricultural production can maintain crop yields. In addition, soil surveys before BB fertilizer production can reduce agricultural production costs and prevent resource waste and fertilizer pollution caused by excessive fertilization. Avoiding blindly producing BB fertilizer also depends on what raw materials you have, because the raw materials you have determines what kind of fertilizer you can produce. The raw materials required for the production of BB fertilizers are generally basal fertilizer granules containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If you have researched the composition of your fertilized soil and need a special nutrient mix to achieve the conditions best suited to your soil crops, our dynamic batching equipment can provide you with the solution.

How is bulk blending fertilizer made?

Bulk blending fertilizer production line can blend various fertilizer granules to the specified fertilizer in a proper proportion. You can use the process technology widely and it has bright market prospects.What’ more,compared with NPK fertilizer granulating lines, the BB fertilizer blending lines are fairly simple. Generally, BB fertilizer blending line includes automatic bathing machine, BB fertilizer blender and fertilizer packing machine.

  • Firstly, manually put the materials into each raw material bin.

Common ingredients include urea particles, limestone,monoammonium phosphate particles (MAP), diammonium phosphate particles (DAP), potassium chloride particles, ammonium chloride pellets, bentonite pellets, etc.In the production of BB fertilizer, no matter whether the raw material is powdery or granular,they can batching.Therefore, the operation process of BB fertilizer is also simple.

dynamic batching machine
single shaft mixer
  • Secondly, the raw materials are discharged from the silo into the batching machine according to the weight ratio to achieve the precise ratio of the required nutrient elements.

In order to improve the quality of BB fertilizer, you should mix BB fertilizer with different ratios of nutrients according to soil test results. For example, there is a lack of nitrogen in the soil, or the crop needs more nitrogen, so you should set the nitrogen parameter to a higher value when mixing raw materials. To reduce your manual operations or speed up production, we have designed an automated dynamic batching machine for you.

  • Next, after the batching process, it enter the conveyor to the bucket elevator or the inclined belt to the continuous mixer.

Meanwhile, the batching system continues to start a new round of batching. BB fertilizer mixer is a professional equipment for mixing BB fertilizer granules. The BB fertilizer mixer fully mixes different granules and at the same time ensures the quality of the mixed fertilizer and improves the quality of the BB fertilizer. BB fertilizer mixer is the core of BB fertilizer production line, with large mixing volume and strong pertinence.

BB fertilizer mixer
automatic packing machine
  • Finally, after the mixing process, the mixed materials enter into the automatic weighing and packaging warehouse, and then through the weighing, packaging, conveying, and sewing processes to complete the BB fertilizer production operation.

We design the automatic quantitative packing scale for quantitative packing ,which include double bucket packing scale and single bucket packing scale.It adopts the integrated structure,and has the characteristics of low scale height,compact structure,effective,novel appearance,easy installation and convenient maintenance.The quantitative precision of the system is 2%.


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The production of different BB fertilizer formulation

Blends have a simple NPK granules mixeimg processin proportions and are very pretty and colorful. When you open the packaged bag, you can see at least two colors, most of which are bright colors, and each color represents a different nutrient particle. You can also think of it as a fertilizer formula is mixing different fertilizer granules together in the required proportions.

Therefore, the raw material you have determines what kind of fertilizer you can produce. The raw materials required for the production of BB fertilizers are generally basic fertilizer granules containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. If you’ve looked into the composition of your fertilized soil and need a special mix of nutrients to achieve the conditions best suited to your soil’s crop growth, our dynamic batching machine can provide you with the solution. It can be automatically proportioned according to the proportioning habits you set, saving manual operation. After all, manual weighing is far less accurate than a machine. Through our batching machine, you can realize the production of different BB fertilizer formulation, such as npk15-15-15, npk23-10-5, npk15-15-20.

What is the design and technology of BB fertilizer manufacturing machine?

You can widely use our BB fertilizer mixing equipment in compound fertilizers of various materials.Because it has good mixing effect and convenient operation and maintenance.BB fertilizer blender is the key equipment for producing BB fertilizer.Our ShunXin has advanced design and technology of BB fertilizer mixing machine:

  • High mixing efficiency and small footprint. The spiral blades are made of high wear-resistant special alloys.
  • Adopt reducer transmission, stable and low noise.
  • The structure is reasonable. It is fed from the top and discharged from the bottom.
  • The joint surface is tightly sealed and the operation is stable.

What kind of mixer machien is suitablt for you?

To meet your different production needs, we have designed different types of mixers for you. Different types of mixers have different characteristics. In addition, if you have any production needs, please contact us! Our professionals can design the most suitable production plan for your BB fertilizer production line and the various equipment you need.You can refer to the following types of hot-selling mixers.

Single shaft mixer, which is suitable for continuous mixing in mixed fertilizer, is usually used after automatic batching equipment. The working principle is that the materials go into the mixing tank, pass through a group of double helical ribbon type blade, they are stirred uniform, and enter next packing process.

Double shafts horizontal mixer is suitable for continuous mixing of mixed fertilizer, usually used after automatic batching equipment . The working principle is that the materials go into the mixing tank , then through a pair of screw shafts with opposite rotating , they are stirred uniform , and enter the next packing process .Double shafts mixer machine is to blend fertilizer particles evenly and efficiently.

BB fertilizer mixer overcomes the mixtures chromatography and distributaries phenomena caused by different proportion of raw materials and particle size , thus improving the accuracy of the dosing . It also solves the influence on system caused by material properties , mechanical vibration , air pressure , voltage fluctuation cold weather etc . It has the characteristics of high precision , high speed , long life , etc ., which is the ideal choice in BB mixed fertilizer manufacturer .

Drum type BB fertilizer mixer can achieve continuous production , and the output can reach 30-40 tons per hour ; the mixer is highly efficient and wearresistant and customers can customize the lining of anti -corrosion material according to their requirements.Our drum type BB fertilizer mixer can be used to even mix fertilizer materials.

different fertilizer machine

Top three forms of blended fertilizer production

If you are considering investing in a BB fertilizer production project, but do not know which production method to choose. What can we do for you? According to our many years of experience and the choice of our cooperative customers, we recommend three forms of blended fertilizer production for you:

Regional small-scale production, usually selling products within a range of tens of kilometers. This form is very common in the United States. In recent years, there have been more than 5,300 units, and the average annual output of each unit is about 2.5kt.

Large-scale production built in the port area or the transportation center area is usually transported into the basic fertilizer by ship, and the product is packaged into the market in a larger area. The annual production capacity of each set is 30-300kt.

Generally, several units or compound fertilizers are produced first, and then mixed fertilizers of various specifications are produced through blending operations.

How to improve the effectiveness of BB fertilizer production to make high-quality BB fertilizer products?

In order to achieve market recognition, every fertilizer manufacturing try their best to produce high quality BB fertilizer.Meanwhile,how to improve the effectiveness of BB fertilizer equipment?It is necessary to pay attention to the following problems in BB fertilizer production process.

Quality should be guaranteed, both externally and internally

A good formula is good for soil nutrients. What is lacking in the soil you should add in the BB fertilizer production process, and what you should match according to the characteristics of the elements required by different crops. But fertilizer manufacturers more like the appearance, and they think that the color is good, the particles are smooth, and the packaging is exquisite. Due to this one-sided idea of external pursuit, manufacturers focus on the appearance of products instead of thinking about how to make a reasonable BB fertilizer formula for the soil. This result has no effect on improving BB fertilizer efficiency.

BB fertilizer production line
compound fertilizer materials
Timely supplement of trace elements

When it comes to chemical fertilizers, we first think of three elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but the soil, like the human body, also needs many other trace elements. According to the results of a soil census in my country, the lack of trace elements in the soil far exceeds the three major elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Trace elements have become a factor restricting the high quality, high yield and stable yield of crops in many places. Therefore, for making the BB fertilizer processed by the BB fertilizer manufacturing equipment exert the advantages of balanced nutrition, fertilizer manufacturers should add trace elements in the BB fertilizer mixer in a targeted manner.

Both granular and powdery BB fertilizers are options for fertilizer manufacturers

The purpose of blending BB fertilizer granules is to meet the needs of mechanized fertilization. In developed countries, large-scale planting provides a great place for mechanized fertilization. However, if your country has a small area of arable land, especially in mountainous areas that are not conducive to mechanized operations, it makes little sense to manufacture BB fertilizer pellets.In this case,for improving the effectiveness of BB fertilizer to make high-quality BB fertilizer product,you can consider the production of powdered BB fertilizer.In addition, in terms of cost, there is a big difference between the granule blending and powder blending of BB fertilizer, so at present, there is still a large market space for powder fertilizer.

BB fertilizer production line design

In short, BB fertilizer equipment is simple, but it is not easy to process high quality BB fertilizer. If you can consider local conditions and combine with soil testing formula to produce BB fertilizer , can truly realize the meaning of formulating BB fertilizer.

Tips for the production process of BB fertilizer

BB fertilizer is more and more popular among fertilizer manufacturers.Because it has unique advantages such as rich nutrition, low investment and environmental friendliness.Because BB fertilizer is more popular,there appear many manufacturers. It is obvious that most manufacturer’s purpose is to get more profit from fertilizer production, and the main issue they should focus on is how to ensure a smoother production process?Here are some tips for the production process of BB fertilizer:

The equipment and process design of the BB fertilizer production line should be reasonable, especially for new raw materials and return materials, which need to have quantitative conveying devices. This timing and quantitative feeding method is beneficial to the stability of the ball speed, to ensure the stable operation of the BB fertilizer production, and to the high and stable yield of the BB fertilizer production.

To achieve a certain level of proficiency in the operation and coordination of workers, each link must be equipped with appropriate conveying equipment, and mature formulas are also required.

The company and factory should have professional maintenance personnel. During the production process, maintenance workers cannot stay away from the workshop, because they need to observe the operation status of the production equipment frequently, so as to find and solve problems in time and deal with them in time to avoid unnecessary losses.

In the off-season of chemical fertilizer every year, when the equipment is not used to produce fertilizer, it must be overhauled once, and then sprayed with anti-rust paint. Also, make sure that there is no shortage of lubricating oil in the lubricated parts.

Post operation instructions in the workshop, and train workers on the knowledge of safe production practices.

Why customer chooses ShunXin equipment used their bulk blending fertilizer production line ?

  • About machinery design

We adopts pit-style batching and accumulative weighing type, convenient to convey and transport the raw materials,easy to operate, saving labor.

  • About machinery quality

We constantly integrate advanced accessories from the domestic and foreign ,such as the Siemens,Schneider,ABB, Delixi, Baosteel ,and other excellent accessories.We always provide our customers equipment with easily and stable operation. And using Germany Siemens PLC centralized control system, can help you realize fully automatic in the whole production process.

  • About the production capacity of the equipment

Our equipment can meet any production capacity of 1-40t/h.Our sales manager can adjust easily according to your needs and your response of blended fertilizer on production capacity. For example, our drum type BB fertilizer mixer can achieve continuous production, and the output can reach 30-40 tons per hour;the mixer is highly efficient and customers can customize the lining of anticorrosion material according to their requirements.

In a word, the mixer  is suitable for the production of different raw materials, and is efficient and stable in production. With the characteristics of high precision, fast speed and long service life, it is the most ideal choice for BB fertilizer manufacturers. In addition, in order to meet your needs for various production capacities, we have mixers of various capacities for your reference. Whether you want to achieve high configuration or low configuration production line, we can customize it for you.Moreover, those complete set of fertilizer bulk blending production plan or project is free, until we meet your needs. After the final decision, our sales manager can arrange delivery. When you receive the goods, a chain of service you can enjoy. If you want to know more, please tell us your brief introduction, and we will send you a complete quotation.

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