Why can you choose the double roller granulator for your fertilizer plant? Fertilizer making machine Double Roller Granulator is a popular equipment in many fertilizer granulator machine. Meantime, the double roller granulation making line have a lower cost than other granulation line.Because the roller compaction granulator uses dry extrusion to make fertilizer granules.It has a wide extrusion range from 3 to10mm fertilizer particles. In addition ,the shape and size of the ball socket on the roller shell can be customized by your production needs.

Two remarkable advantages of double roller granulator

Our company has launched a series of granulator machinery.They can all help you produce the fertilizer particles that you need.However, different granulator equipment use different production processes.If you want to understand the production process of the roller granulation machine, you can refer to the two major advantages detailed below.

  • Energy saving and consumption reduction

    Roller extrusion granulation process the materials at room temperature. Compared with other methods, it does not require drying measures such as fuel oil and gas. Therefore,the technological process is simple and the investment is low.

  • No need to add adhesive

    The commonly used compound fertilizer production method in China is steam granulation. After the water vapor condenses and crystallizes between the material molecules, it acts as a binder during the manufacturing process. However, in the drying process, you need drive out the water inside and on the surface of the particles.Otherwise the fertilizer will be easy to stick and agglomerate during storage. If you adopt double roller dry granulation, it does not require additional additives.Because it only needs to use the inter molecular force of the material.Therefore,it simplifies the process and reduces your energy consumption cost.

What common materials you can use with double roller granulator?

There have a wide range of raw material for the production of counter-roll extrusion granulation. There are more than 20 kinds of materials for you choose.You can use them in the granulation of double-roller equipment including ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonium chloride, calcium nitrate, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, etc. In addition, the extrusion granulation process can flexibly change the fertilizer formula in a very short time.One set of equipment can help you produce more than 30 kinds of formula products, such as NPK15-15-15, NPK15-15-20, NPK17-17 -17.

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How much will it cost to a roller compactor dry granulator line ?

In the line of double roller granulation , there are five steps for compound fertilizer production. They are crushing, mixing,granulating, screening and packing. If you want to begin this line,you can spend about $100,000 to buy the 3t/h granulator compound fertilizer line. For deploying this powder line, we design SXFLF-600 vertical crusher,SXPJ-1600 disc mixer, SXDG-3T granulator, SXGS-1030 rotary screening machine and packing machine.

In addition, you’d better prepare about 900m2 to install this 3t/h fertilizer granulation production line.At the same time,this double roller granulator saves you money on building a fertilizer plant. Because no drying process in the production process of a double roller granulator.Therefore,you can reduce the cost of dryers, binders and fuel.What’ more,if you choose our company fertilizer equipment,you can produce fertilizers with fertilizer machine at favorable prices.

How To Adjust The Double Roller Extrusion Granulator To Control The Pellets Sizes?

In granulating process, you may find that the fertilizer pellets don’t meet your production requirement. Then how to change the pellets size by adjust the double-roller granulator machine? You can adjust the roller gap and roller shape to change the granules size.

The gap between the rollers will cause the direct influence of granulation machine. It is important to keep the proper distance between the rollers. But how to adjust the gap? When adjusting the gap, the double roller can no be working. At this moment, you can adjust the gap between the rollers based on your needs.You should keep the two rollers not be contacted. Generally speaking, you should keep the distance of the rollers at 0.3mm-1mm.

As for the double roller granulator, the shape and size of ball socket on the roller sheet can be customized by your requirements.You have a wide range of options for these parameters.For example,it have pillow shape,semicircle shape and walnut shape.Besides,you can choose our new flat ball shape and square bar shape.

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Following the above two aspect, you can operate the double roller type fertilizer pellets making machine more effectively. What’s more, you can get the different shape of qualified fertilizer granules by adjusting the granulation machine.

What roll extrusion granulation technology you can adopt?

The double roller extrusion granulation machine adopts the dry technology to make fertilizers granular.

Dry technology is applicable for forming granules without liquid solutions.Because the granules may be sensitive to the moisture or heat.And it shapes the granules by press the materials. Therefore, its operation is more easy than wet technology.In fertilizer manufacturing process, you can use double roller press machine to produce fertilizers by dry process.The counter-rotating rollers provide strong extrusion force for pressing materials into large tablets.And the inner structure of machine will crush these tablets and make them into pellets.The whole extrusion process is very simple and highly efficient.Therefore, you can use this method to reduce your fertilizer machinery cost.

How to use double roller granulator to manufacture high quality pellets effective?

Generally speaking, there are many factors affecting the quality of fertilizer particles.Our professionals help you improve your fertilizer quality from both materials and equipment.

  • Control the material 25%moisture

    The roller granulator has certain requirements on the water content of the material. For better granulation quality and higher granulation efficiency, the moisture content of the material should preferably be controlled at about 25%.

  • Control the quality of raw materials

    Because the roller fertilizer equipment adopts dry granulation and directly extrudes the raw material. So you need to screen the quality of the ingredients. The counter-roll granulator requires a relatively uniform quality of raw materials. This produces high-quality fertilizer granules. In addition, you cannot choose raw materials that contain high-hardness impurities such as iron. This can easily damage the roller skins of your equipment and reduce the quality of your fertilizer.

  • Replace the roller in time

    The roll skin on the double roll granulator is a consumable item. After a period of use, the diameter of the discharge holes on the roller skin will become larger and larger, never reducing the quality of fertilizer particles. How to ensure the quality of fertilizer granules for a long time? You can replace the roller skins. We can design new roll skins for your granulator to produce good fertilizer granules. At the same time, under the guidance of our professionals, you can easily and quickly complete the replacement of the roller skin.

Solutions in double roller compactor process can help you

Problems Reason Solution
Ball and socket misalignment Roller skin and shaft loose Tighten the bolts
The finished product is not formed A. Insufficient feed

B. excessive clearance

A.Replenish the material

B. Adjust the distance between the twin rollers

The spherical finished product cannot fall off in time A. The material contains too much moisture

B. the extrusion force is not enough

A. Use dry material

B. Reduce the double roll gap

How to choose a suitable double roller granulator for your fertilizers business?

Choosing a suitable granulator will speed up the production capacity of your fertilizer plant and bring you more economic efficiency. We design different specifications of roller granulator, you can choose them according to your required production capacity, factory area and total power.

If you have a large fertilizer production plant, we have large capacity granulator to meet your needs. At the same time, if your factory is a small factory and cannot provide much granulation area, you can choose our small scale granulator. What’s more, we can also customize the machine for you. As long as you tell us your needs, we are willing to provide suitable methods for your production business. We have professionals can provide technology support for you. If you have any interest or need for our machine or production line, please feel free to contact us!

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