Rotary drum granulation has the advantages including the large scale production and high strength of finished granules. Its output can reach 30 ton per hour. This can bring more economic efficiency to your fertilizer plant. Meanwhile, it need less workers to operate it. It can help you get high output, high economic benefits and low labor force consumption.Why not choose a large rotary drum granulation line?

What Equipment You Can Use In Manufacturing Process?

  • Fertilizer batching equipment is key in fertilizer mixing process

    For your mixed fertilizer manufacturing, there are accurate batching machines for fertilizer manufacturing for you to choose. Whether you want static or dynamic, mini batching device or machine with large batch hopper, we can meet your needs. What’s more, we also employ advanced technology and designs on the batch system to speed up your fertilizer making process.

  • Fertilizer crusher is often used for turning fertilizer materials into powders in production line

    We employ high quality materials and advanced technology on the machines, guaranteeing the convenient operating and long service time. Furthermore, there are various types of fertilizers crushers for your reference. Whether you want a high output machine or a facility with small production rate, our crushing machines can satisfy you. What’s more, it is important in whether fertilizer powder production line or granules making line.

  • Fertilizer mixer is a machine for mixing powder materials

    It is important for your fertilizer mixing plant.Our company has many mixers and they are different in production capacity and appearances. It’s alternative for you to select a satisfied facility for your fertilizers manufacturing requirements. What’s more, it’s applicable for you to form a fertilizer production line. In addition,there are suitable facilities for you to equip with blenders. We will provide you good fertilizers blenders at a favorable price.

  • The rotary drum granulator is a key equipment

    The rotary drum granulator is a kind of advanced fertilizer production equipment. More and more fertilizer producers use the rotary-drum granulator to make the fertilizer granules. But why? Mainly because there are many technical characteristics on the rotary drum granulating machine. We design the rotary drum pellet machine with many advantages such as no pollution, high economic efficiency and special design. It is also a key equipment in the rotary drum granulation line.

Vertical crusher
screening machine
loader type feeder


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What Equipment You Can Use To Improve The Granules Quality ?

It can sieve the unqualified products for improving your fertilizer manufacturing efficiency. It’s applicable for you to use them in you different process phases, making the products better. With an organic fertilizer screening machine, the unqualified products will be selected out and you can re-process them. Otherwise, you may waste your time on coating and packing them and even get less fertility. Our fertilizer sifter machines employ technological design to make your fertilizers production more efficiently. There are different types of equipment for your requirements. You can choose machines for your preference.

The moisture and strength of granular NPK fertilizer do not meet the packaging requirements. Therefore, you need to use a fertilizer dyer to remove excess water. When the fertilizer moisture reaches 10%, it will have a good hardness.After the drying process, there is a high temperature on the surface of the NPK fertilizer granules. Now you can use the cooler. The cooler reduces the surface temperature of the NPK fertilizer granules for further improving quality. In addition, the cooler can recycle the dust produced by the collision of npk fertilizer particles.

During the coating process, the coating machine can improve the fluidity of NPK compound fertilizer granules.For effectively preventing the lumps of npk compound fertilizer, you can use our rotary coating machine.The complete equipment of rotary coating machine consists of spiral conveyor,mixing tank ,oil pump and main engine.It adopts powdering powder or liquid coating process,which is an effective npk compound fertilizer equipment.Moreover, if you want to increase the brightness and roundness of the granules, our coating machine can help you make the appearance more beautiful.

What Is The High Output NPK Fertilizer Wet Granulation line?

This rotary drum granulation line has high output. It can process 25 ton NPK fertilizers per hour. In your NPK fertilizer granules making plant, the rotating drum fertilizer granulation line is a good choice. It utilizes the rotating cylinder for pelleting. Meanwhile,if you want improve the quality of fertilizer,you can use wet technology in this line.

What is the wet granulation?

Wet granulation also known as steam granulation.When you use the wet rotary drum production line to process the material, the saturated steam will be properly injected into the granulator. These steam can not only increase the temperature of the material, but also humidify the material. Besides, the material is rolled and extruded in the rotary granulator to form particles. After that,you should dry and cool the granulated fertilizer to meet the packing requirement.Finally, you can coat, package and store NPK fertilizer that reaches your ideal particle size.In steam granulation continuous process for npk plant, rotary drum granulation lines use wet process to obtain high quality fertilizer.

What Is The Cost Of Large Rotary Drum Granulation Line?

Different production capacity has different cost

Different npk granulation production line have different production capacity.Therefore,different equipment has different prices. Common npk granulation line costs mainly include production equipment, water, electricity, site, and labor. Our company can make the most reasonable production plan according to your production capacity requirements and budget.

large scale granulator
large scale granulation line
rotary drum granulator
600,000$ for 30t/h rotary drum granulation line

You can use 600,000$ to buy a set of fertilizer machine in this line.Our company equipped this large-scale fertilizer plant with our hot-selling rotary drum pelletizer line.Because the high output is its largest advantage.The rotary drum line designs large inlet and outlet for high yield of fertilizer.

It can produce npk pellets up to 30 tons per hour. The rotary drum granulator line can be operated 300day per year, 12 hours a day. If pelleting production system can operate 1 shift or 2 shift, it will be better than 3 shifts a day. In this way, the annual production capacity can reach 108,000 mt per year.

At the same time, it can help you produce high-quality npk pellets for selling a good price. Besides,all machine in this line equip with rubber lining. They will have a longer service life to reduce your npk machinery cost.If you want to achieve other scale production or upgrade fertilizer production line, we have many options for you to choose.

In short, no matter what you want, npk granulator,npk powder,npk blenders or a complete npk fertilizer production line, we can give you a very pertinent suggestion. We have fertilizer production lines with different equipment and also have fertilizer production lines with different production capacity.We promise that you can buy our high-quality fertilizer plant equipment at the lowest price in our company. No matter you have any production needs or equipment requirements, we can customize it for you. Please let us know about any of your needs, including the raw materials you have, whether there is a fertilizer plant and the size of the site, and how much capacity you want.We are ready to provide you with professional solutions for your own fertilizer production line. So please feel free to contact us to start your fertilizer production plant as soon as possible!

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