Compound fertilizer is a compound fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, commonly known as BB fertilizer. The production process of compound fertilizer mixing is to physically mix different types of granular fertilizers such as urea, ammonium sulfate and potassium chloride according to the required ratio. Its formula is flexible, the particle size is balanced, the application is convenient, the water content is low, the particle strength is good, and the storage does not agglomerate.Therefore,many fertilizer manufacturers favour it. At present, there are organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, BB fertilizers and other fertilizers on the market. However, compared with other fertilizer production processes, the production process of this type of compound fertilizer is the simplest and requires the least investment.If you want to build a complete compound fertilizer blending plant, you can refer to our large fertilizer blending plant program.

Phase 1: The prepare work for compound fertilizers blending Production

You must have a certain site, and the blending fertilizer plant is usually built in the suburbs, which is conducive to blending fertilizer equipment operation and subsequent waste discharge.Near blending fertilizer factory should have power plants and rivers, which can reduce your unnecessary spending.Also,it is conducive to your equipment continuously operation and subsequent waste discharge.In addition,you should ensure that the blending fertilizer has sufficient power supply. And arrange production time according to power supply time.Then you need a series of blending fertilizer equipment to run continuously in the plant. In order to efficient production, your complete compound fertilizers blending plant should with a high degree of automation.

What scale of production do you want? The plant scale decides the size of the blending fertilizer production equipment you need. At the same time, the large scale plant can make large fertilizers production capacity. If you only want to make small scale fertilizer production , you just need a small scale plant and even you can manufacture in your own farm because it only needs 50m2. About the production time, you must have an understanding before building a factory.Best options:target operation hours: 8 – 10 hours per day for around 270 days per year to produce 50,000 MT blending fertilizer or target operation hours: 8 – 10 hours per day for 270 days per year to produce 100,000 MT blending fertilizer.

Blending fertilizer producing plant also need workers.During blending fertilizer manufacturing, you need to employ some people to operate the blending fertilizer machines and to ensure the normal operation of the production line. But the number of workers depends on how automated the fertilizer line you buy is. For reducing your blending fertilizer plant cost, it is better for your equipment to be cost-effective, low energy consumption, high degree of automation, and small manpower requirements. Generally speaking, in automated blending fertilizer plant, you only need 3-4 workers. One worker puts the raw materials into the equipment, two workers monitor the machine, and the last worker is responsible for packing blenders fertilizer.

After determining your own blending fertilizer production scale, if you are a novice, you can consult a professional about the production line plan and buy a cost-effective equipment like Shunxin (a series of complete production equipment includes batching machines, mixers, packaging machines.And some auxiliary equipment,such as motor ,electric control cabinet.)When you installation, you should refer to operating instructions, installation drawings, foundation drawings etc. Generally speaking,about installation and expenses: if you need the seller to dis patch engineers to your factory to do machine installation and workers training,the seller will send engineers to install the equipment but you shall pay all the related expenses (Include: visa/flight ticket/food/hotel, And extra subsidy USD 100/day/person)

The last job before starting normal production operations is to prepare the raw materials. Your ingredients should never be chosen blindly. The right thing to do is: Take a census of the local soil composition to determine which nutrients the soil is missing. Prepare raw materials according to the missing elements, and add appropriate trace elements if necessary to improve soil quality. In general, common ingredients include urea particles, monoammonium phosphate particles (MAP), diammonium phosphate particles (DAP), potassium chloride particles, ammonium chloride pellets, bentonite pellets, etc.

Phase Two: Continuous compound fertilizers blending process

  • Continuous automatic batching process

You can batch the raw materials according to the nutrient elements lacking in the soil in the early stage. If the manual operation method is used, the efficiency is not only low, but also the quality requirements cannot be met. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a dynamic batching machine to improve production efficiency.The total height of the feeder does not exceed 2m, and the loader can easily load the material. If your material has moisture, it will be easy to block. You can put a protective net (large size) at the feed port of the batching machine, so that the crushed seed cake particles are small.Besides, large pieces have no chance to enter and cause problems.

batching machine
  • Fast and well-proportioned blending process

After the proportioning process, the raw materials will enter to the double-shaft continuous mixer through the conveying equipment.You can get the final material which just needs 3-5 mins from inputting to outputing process.At the same time, the next batch of materials starts to enter the batching machine again.

Dynamic automatic batching system have independent PLC controller.PLC control accurate each silo in dynamic automatic batching system, and the capacity of silo is1.5m³ per silo.You can choose different dynamic batching machine according to your requirements. Then if you need several positions, you can add several positions.The layout is 20 x 30 m size and hence reduction is cost. Generally, 4 set batching machine is enough.

There also has a temporary silo after the blending machine.Its silo capacity is 4m³ .About the inside structure of mixer, there are two sets of blades, one on the outside, responsible for outputting the material from front to back ; another on the inside, responsible for mixing the material.Moreover, the material of the blades piece is Mn steel ,as a typical anti-wear steel, manganese steel is an excellent material for crushing and mixing parts . When mixer working,it continuous discharge , putting materials in the front , and then evenly output after stirring .

BB fertilizer mixer
single shaft mixer
double shafts blender
  • Orderly packaging process

The entire production process is continuously remote. However,you can close any machine can and open it any time. Each machines has the controller and all machine main parts are Q235B steel, easy wear out parts are use Mn steel. Dynamic automatic batching system have independent PLC controller.Mixing and belt conveyor have a total control system. Packing machine also have independent controller. There also have any silo provide over the packing machine.The capacity of packing machine has a small silo 0.3m³ .

automatic packing machine


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Phsase Three: Obtaining the compound fertilizer blenders

The automatic packaging machine packs the blending fertilizer through a conveyor as a final product for sale. The weight of each bag is preset, and each bag can be 50kg, 100kg, 150kg… The finished blending fertilizer enter the automatic packaging scale for bagging and sewing. You can packting the finished fertilizers into bags by a palletizer, and end them to the warehouse for storage and waiting for delivery.

The following is the complete compound fertilizers blending plant continuous production video, with installation instruction video.We have many more fertilizer production projects.Those complete set of compound fertilizers blending production plan or project is free,no matter what kind of fertilizer plant you want, we can design it for you. After the final decision, our sales manager can arrange delivery. When you receive the goods, a chain of service you can enjoy. If you want to know more, please tell us your brief introduction, and we will send you a complete quotation, welcome to consult!

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