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How to process customer’s raw materials for fertilizer manufacturing?

The American customer has plenty of potassium chloride crystals.He needs to make the materials into granular potash fertilizer and ask us what is the granulation line?First of all, the powder raw material is the most suitable for fertilizer production.Because the powdered raw materials are easy to reunite particles.Therefore, customer materials should crush into powdery.

  • How to get high-quality powdery materials?

We have designed a hot selling vertical crusher for our customers. This vertical crusher is easy to operate and has low fertilizer machine costs. The characteristics of high crushing rate and energy saving have also become one of its selling points. For crystal raw materials, it has the functions of fine crushing and coarse grinding, especially suitable for crushing medium-hard and extra-hard materials. In addition, its working noise is lower than 75 decibels (db level), and has less dust pollution.

How do we customize granulation equipment for American customers?

The crushed raw material can be pelleted.Because the water content of the crushed potassium chloride raw material is about 1%,and the moisture of raw materials for double roller granulator is not over 10%. In addition, combined with the customer’s desire for a simple granulation process, we finally designed a double roller granulation production line for the American customer. The hardness of granules made from double roller granulator is about 15-20N. Also, the final fertilizer granule size for double roller granulator is 3-10mm.

  • We specially design the dry extrusion double roller granulator in the production line according to the customer’s raw material.

The counter roller granulator has won good praise from customers for its wide applicability in SX fertilizer granulation equipment. What is the suitable material for double roller granulator? For example, zinc sulfate, potassium sulphate(SOP), potassium chloride, ammonia chloride,ammonia sulfate,magnesium sulfate,sodium chloride,etc.Whatever materials you have, we can design a complete fertilizer line for you.


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We recommend our company hot-selling 2 t/h production line for US customer

After browsing our website, customers learned that we have both 22kw and 30 kw granulator machine, what is the difference between them? We tell customer the finished products size is different.The 22kw machine produced a particle diameter of less than 4.5mm;The 30kw machine produced a particle diameter of over 4.5mm.The customer wants to produce fertilizer particles less than 2mm in diameter.Therefore, we finally customized a 22kw TDJZ-2T double roller granulation equipment for our customers.As our customer’s fertilizer production business has just started, we recommended our hot 2 t/h double roller granulation line.

We give US customer the lowest quotation for 2 t/h double roller granulation line

After some discussion, the lowest offer for our US customers is:TDJZ-2T granulator is 6000$ and complete 2 t/h double roller granulation line is about 80000$. Eventually, the American customer accepted our offer and started our partnership. The double roller granular machine price is related to its production capacity and technical specification. You can tell us your production capacity and the amount of raw materials. We will recommend the most suitable fertilizer granulator for you. All of our granulator machines are on sale at the favorable price. At the promotion period, you can even get a certain discount.

The above data is just for your reference. You can get the newest information about the double roller granulator machine from us. Here are also many types of fertilizer production machines for you, such as crushing machine, mixing shredder, fertilizer granulator. You can also find complete compound fertilizer production line, bulk blend fertilizer production line, NPK15-15-15 production line in our company. Welcome to our website to get the detailed consultation and latest fertilizer machines quoted price.

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