NPK 20-20-20 for all purpose is a balanced fertilizer formula applicable to a variety of growing material. Its 1:1:1 nutrient ratio makes it good for almost any stage of plant growth. The design of the formula uses nutrients that provide strength to the plant, as well as, it can provide the plant with a boost of balanced nutrition.Therefore, producing the npk20-20-20 compound fertilizer is a good option for the fertilizer manufacturers.How to make npk 20-20-20? What is the production method of triple 20 fertilizers? How to select equipment for npk fertilizer production?Based on our years of experience, the following content is worth considering.

How to start fertilizer 20-20-20 machinery business & industrial?

In the fertilizer production process, raw materials determine different fertilizer formulations. Although some formulations have low levels of certain elements, they are still important. Therefore, in the selection of raw materials before production, with the basic nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer as the principle.For example,Urea, KCl and Phosphate.

This NPK complex fertilizer formula contains primary nutrients in a balanced ratio including Nitrogen as N = 20%,Phosphorus as P2O5 = 20%,Potassium as K2O = 20%. It contains balanced proportions of the basic and necessary elements for plants.Moreover, in the production process of fertilizer, you can also add the bentonite. Bentonite has many roles in fertilizer production, it can reduce the water content of fertilizer and avoid fertilizer agglomeration.

If there are power plants and rivers near NPK factory, which can reduce your unnecessary spending. Also,it is conducive to your equipment continuously operation and subsequent waste discharge.In addition,choosing a good fertilizer manufacturer to buy a machine can not only produce high-quality NPK fertilizer, but also save on equipment maintenance costs.


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Different NPK20-20-20 fertilizer manufacturing machine solutions

Different production processes use different fertilizer production equipment. If you want to accurately select fertilizer equipment, first consider your production process. In SX, you can learn about different production processes. We recommend several popular production solutions for your NPK20-20-20 production, including different blending lines and granulation plant. Among them, the granulation production process is more fine and diverse, including not only dry granulation but also wet granulation.

  • 20t/h balanced nutritional ratio fertilizer blending machinery

    This blending production process is the simplest and the investment is the least.When you use the blending method to make npk compound fertilizer, you only need to use mixer machine to evenly mix the basic fertilizer urea with other raw materials with similar particle size such as ammonium phosphate and potassium chloride. In this way, you can sell the compound fertilizer in bulk or in packaging. However,if you want manufacturing the formula 20-20-20 of NPK fertilizer,you also need a dynamic batching machine.Our batching equipment can help you mix the raw materials in the proper ratio according to the formula, avoiding the inaccurate manual operation that affects the ratio. All you have to do is set the right mix parameters, and you can get the material you want.When your production capacity is 20t/h, if you work 10 hours a day for 300 days, you can achieve an annual output of 60,000 tons of NPK20-20-20 fertilizer. This mass production can help you bring more profit.

  • NPK20-20-20 dry extrusion granulation machinery

    The roller granulator machines employ dry granulation tech to produce npk20-20-20 fertilizer granular. This method uses new npk manufacturing process. It’s applicable for drying the pellets by air. Because this granulation equipment can work at normal temperature, the pellets made by it are in low temperature. You don’t need to dry and cool the finished pellets by machines. What’s more, you don’t need to add binders or other liquids when granulating. It only accepts the low moisture content materials which is about 5%.

  • NPK20-20-20 wet granulation plant machinery

    Before granulation, use a crushing machine to pulverize urea, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride, etc. Then you can feed them into the granulator. With the help of steam or liquid, the raw material is gradually formed into particles. In order to ensure the strength of fertilizer granules, some granulation aids, such as bentonite, gypsum can be added to improve the physical properties of the product.The granulation equipment that can be used in the wet process is a drum granulator or a disc granulator. At the same time, they can make NPK20-20-20 fertilizer pellets into different sizes. After wet granulation, the fertilizer granules have high moisture and high temperature.It is not conducive to the next packaging and transportation. In order to ensure the quality of fertilizer, you can use a dryer cooler. They can remove excess water and increase the hardness of the fertilizer granules.


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What is the triple 20 fertilizer machine plant cost?

NPK 20-20-20 is a fast-dissolving fertilizer. Due to its balanced nutrient content, it is essential for boosting the crop at any stage of growth.Therefore, more and more fertilizer purchase machine to make this formula of NPK.How much is the triple 20 granular fertilizer machine plant price?When selecting the NPK 20-20-20 compound fertilizer production equipment, the budget, production capacity and npk formula can impact the machine price you choose. You can consider these aspects while buying the fertilizer machines. You can know more detailed information from the follow.

The bulk blending plant or granulation plant all can produce npk 20-20-20 fertilizer with balanced nutritional ratio.Also, you can apply wet or granulation technology to produce the NPK fertilizer. When applying different technologies, the machines you use are also different. Therefore, the price of granulation machine changes as its types.

When building a NPK compound fertilizer production line, you will definitely think about how much I need to invest. There are various kinds of the equipment for the whole compound fertilizer production line. There are also different configurations of fertilizer production equipment. If you choose high configuration of fertilizer production equipment,you will have a highly automated and high-yield compound fertilizer production line. However, that also means that you will spend more money on these highly-equipped machines. Therefore, it is necessary that you should determine how much you will cost at first. We will design the most optimal fertilizer equipment for you according to the budget you provide.

The capacity is an important factor while purchasing the fertilizer equipment. The machines with different models will have the different processing capacities. For example, SXYZ-2000 disc granulation machine can produce 1-2 tons of fertilizer granules. The SXZGZ-3210 rotary drum pellet making machine can make 15-30 tons of fertilizer particles in an hour. Thus, you should specify how many NPK compound fertilizers you want to make. In addition, after choosing the right compound fertilizer equipment, you can improve the economic benefit for your fertilizer factory.Therefore, for improving the compound fertilizer production efficiency, it is necessary to choose the right fertilizer production machines based on your production capacity.

For meet all customer needs, we have designed different NPK fertilizer formulations.For example,we have premium quality balanced nutrient NPK fertilizer manufacturing line including NPK15-15-15、NPK17-17-17、NPK20-20-20.Besides, we also design production line for special high nitrogen compound fertilizer NPK20-10-10、NPK23-10-5 and so on.The production cost of compound fertilizers with different formulas is not exactly the same. If you are interested in which formula fertilizer production, welcome to consult us to get the lowest quotation.

How to choose credible npk20-20-20 machinery manufacturer?

There are many manufacturer of NPK compound fertilizer in the market. In SX,we not only have the production line of ordinary compound fertilizer, but also the NPK fertilizer production line for different formulations.Our production line equipment can make high purity fertilizer which is very soluble in water, it is particularly suitable for agricultural application. Its high concentration of available nutrients in a 1:1:1 ratio, and the presence of micro-nutrients, make this product suitable to meet the nutritional needs in each stage of the production cycle.

During the period of 2021-2022, our SX was rated as the annual high-quality npk equipment manufacturer by customers. So we are confident to meet your diverse needs and hope you can trust us to cooperate with us.Whether you want to configure equipment for any npk formula fertilizer production, we can meet your needs or even customize it for you.We look forward to your experience of our Shunxin’s special services as soon as possible.Welcome to contact us!


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