NPK granulator is the most critical equipment in the manufacturing process of npk compound fertilizer. A good npk granulator is like a sword in the hands of a soldier. NPK granulator are not all the same, but various. How to accurately choose the most suitable npk granulator for your npk production plant? You can start with raw materials because different raw materials have different processing processes.Besides, different raw materials and scales have different npk pellet production solution. What’s more, according to your budget, the choice of npk particle granulator is also different. It is very important for you to choose a reasonable npk granulates fertilization plan and equipment.It can help you to get the most profit with the least amount of money.

Why granulated fertilizer made by npk granulator is better ?

Granulation of fertilizer products provides one of the most feasible methods for mixing powdered chemical raw materials into multi-nutrient fertilizers.It can storage time and packaging quality, and facilitating fertilizer application and handling. Without this technology, finely powdered material would be dusty and difficult to handle.Besides,denser particles would settle to the bottom of the bag or bucket, creating inconsistent mixing and resulting in less efficient fertilizers.

The npk fertilizer granulation line can process powdered fertilizers into granules. Among them, fertilizer granulation is an important process in the NPK fertilizer production line. Granulation quality affects the quality of the final fertilizer. In general, the particle size of the boundary is about 0.1 mm. Particles with a particle size of less than 0.1 mm are become powder, and the particle size is about 0.1 mm to 20 mm. Particles larger than 20mm are granules, and larger particles with a particle size exceeding 20mm will agglomerates. The particle size of solid particles has a great influence on their physical properties. Why is the fertilizer made into granules in the production of npk fertilizer?

bentonite granules
What are the advantages of npk fertilizer granules compared with powder?

Fertilizers with very low water solubility can crush into small particles.Because it can ensure your fertilizer are effectively and quickly dissolved in the soil and absorbed by plants.

The control of fertilizer particle size is very important for the storage and transportation of fertilizers. Good granulation makes the organic fertilizer not easy to agglomerate and  have a better transport performance.

You can add some inorganic components to the npk fertilizer production line to improve the fertilizer efficiency of organic fertilizers.However,after adding inorganic fertilizer,powdered fertilizers tend to absorb moisture and agglomerate.

Fertilizer granulation improves agricultural technology, fertilizer granules play the role of slow release of fertilizer efficacy.Besides,it is convenient to apply fertilizer and is not easy to blow away by the wind.

How to choose suitable materials for npk granulator working?

The npk pellets plant takes in a wide range of suitable materials, including ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonium sulphate and ammonia for N; superphosphate (SSP, TSP, USP) and phosphoric acid as source of P; and potassium chloride(MOP) and potassium sulphate (SOP)as source of K.

However, when selecting raw materials for the npk granulation production line, you should choose its shape.Besides, powdered raw materials are most suitable for subsequent processing. However, if your raw material is solid, we can also design a crusher machine for you.As a result,the raw material is better for the production process.Moreover, the required raw materials nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potash (K) usually start as a fine powder.Because they can also as a compound all-in-one product for fertilizers. You can granulate and mix them to obtain the desired nutrients.

compound fertilizer materials


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How to make the prilling unit in npk fertilizer plant work perfectly?  

Batching materials for nutrient npk pellets

In the NPK granulator fertilizer production line, for getting high-quality powder materials at a certain portion,you need batching machines to help you , so we design two batching machines for you: one is a static batching machine, which has a high degree of automation and only needs to be manually fed nutrient elements ; the other is a dynamic automatic batching system, which has a high degree of automation and can realize continuous batching to nutrient elements.Especially, its mainframe has PID regulation and alarm functions, which can realize the automatic control of a warehouse.

Crushing npk materials for mixing

In the granulation process of npk fertilizers, the sizes of the materials are very different, which is not conducive to subsequent uniform processing. Therefore, you need crushed the large pieces of raw materials evenly into particles of equal size, which is convenient for your subsequent granulation processing.

How to produce particles effectively?

Our two crushers using in manufacturing of npk granulates can help you,if you use our vertical crusher or chain crusher,you can get fine powder for efficient npk granulation:vertical crusher has strong adaptability, especially for materials with high moisture content, is not easy to block, and unloads smoothly; In addition,you can use the chain crushers to process the materials. It crushes the materials by high speed impulse and shear. Furthermore, there is a sieve inside the machine,which will screen the crushed powders. And the large blocks will out until they become fine powders.

Mixing powders for npk granulating

After crushing, you need mix these powders continuously. At the same time,mixing the raw materials according to the required ratio in the mixer evenly to improve the overall uniform fertilizer efficiency. But how to blend npk fertilizer in your npk plant?Our company can provide horizontal mixers or vertical disc mixers for balanced npk mixture production. The disc granulator has stable rotation, low power consumption and stable operation.Compared with the vertical blender, the horizontal blender has higher power and can quickly realize the mixing and stirring of various materials.It runs steadily and causes low noise.

BB fertilizer mixer

What technological design you can get if you use ShunXin npk pellet machine?

Rotary drum granulator design

Rotary drum granulator is a key equipment in fertilizer industries to produce both high and low-density compound fertilizer. The theory of rotary drum granulation process is that all raw materials roll and solidify in the drum so that the raw materials could be fully react with each other.In npk steam granulation process, material particles are granulated into compound fertilizer balls under pressing force.

If you want to expanded the scale of production,you can choose it ,which widely used in large-scale npk fertilizer wet granulation plant.At the same time,the high steam temperature in the drum dries fertilizer granules, and improves the solidity.Moreover, rotary drum granulator can be used to produce many kinds of compound fertilizer such as DAP, MAP, TSP, and SSP.Given the low investment and development costs, this npk manufacturing line is attractive in terms of cost-effectiveness.It will also be a good choice for you.

Rotary drum granualtor
Disc granulator design

The theory of disc pan granulation is that all mixed raw materials roll in a slope disc pan, with the addition of binder and water to make different sizes of fertilizer granules.For reducing your cost of npk granulation plant ,we design disc granulation wet production line for you.It is cheaper than rotary drum granulator or other compound fertilizer equipment, cost 30% less, with production capacity within 12t/h.What’ more, it can apply in many fields widely, such as fertilizer, pharmacy, feeds, coal, metallurgy etc.

Double roller extrusion design

Double roller extrusion granulation is different from the above two npk production processes.You can use dry process technology in double roller extrusion granulation. If your raw materials are potassium sulfate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate, etc., the dry method is the most suitable for roller granulation.If the moisture content of your powdery NPK fertilizer is about 5%, this granulation machine is also a good choice.Dry granulation traditionally means that you don’t need water or binders during the manufacture of npk compound fertilizers.

Therefore, the dry granulation method is widely pupular in small and medium-sized fertilizer plants with low investment.The typical characteristics of the dry method are that the npk production line can require less floor space, is simple to operate, and has low cost.

According to the differences between three machines to manufacture npk granular, you can choose the best suitable npk fertilizer granulation production line to produce particles.Our company can provide you some solution about npk granulator plant machinery to help you produce npk granulates.Whether the high configuration or the other configuration equipment, we can meet your need and even customize for you.

Tips for you to choose suitable npk granulator

In the process of building your npk granulation plant, if you are more concerned about production capacity and budget, you can refer to the following tips:

If your site space and funds are sufficient, a large-scale and complete automatic production line is the most suitable.It includes batching machine, mixer, drum granulator, screening machine, dryer or cooler, coating machine, and packaging machine. Lines in this configuration can meet any capacity requirement and achieve high yields. The production working under the operation of workers. If your raw materials require special dry processing, we can also equip you with a double roller extrusion granulator.

In addition, we would like to suggest that if you have the conditions, try to equip some auxiliary equipment.They can greatly improve the quality of your npk. For example, the dryer can remove excess water in npk particles for storage and transportation; the cooler is used with the dryer to further remove part of the water and reduce the temperature of the npk fertilizer; before packaging, using a coating machine, through powder dusting or liquid coating process, can effectively prevent the lumps of npk compound fertilizer.

What is the application of npk granulator?

These granulator machinery can basically be used to granulate all common powder fertilizer materials. Whether you want to granulate organic fertilizer powder or compound fertilizer powder, they can always meet your requirements.

  • For npk organic fertilizer powder granulation, almost all kinds of poultry manure, livestock and poultry manure, mushrooms, sugar mill sludge and animal manure powder can be granulated into fine organic fertilizer granules. The organic content can even reach 100%.
  • For npk compound powder fertilizer granulation,you can use these powder granulator machine for granulation of silica, sulfur, lime, charcoal, chlorine, etc. These materials have a low degree of binding and the granules are difficult to granulate, or the granules are easily broken. In order to solve this problem, we use advanced technology to improve the adaptability of the granulator to different fertilizer materials. Therefore, the above-mentioned compound fertilizer powder granulated by this machine has a more compact structure and is easier to store. Therefore, choosing our powder granulator for your compound fertilizer powder will make your fertilizer plant more competitive.

Advantages of NPK fertilizer granulator production line

NPK fertilizer granulator production line equipment has wide adaptability to raw materials, not only for compound fertilizer granulation, but also for various raw materials such as medicine, chemical industry, and feed. What’ more, the manufacturing process is short,and the ball formation rate is high.As a manufacturer of npk compound fertilizer equipment for many years, according to the research and development of our factory for many years, the NPK fertilizer production process can change the npk formula according to the soil and crops in different regions, which is beneficial to improve the quality of fertilizer and the utilization rate of fertilizer.

NPK15-15-15 fertilizer

Where can you find reliable npk granulator manufacturers?

So far, ShunXin has its own popularity on major websites. You can get more information through YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and other channels. We have published the production process and installation method of our npk equipment products.Except for npk granulator machines, ShunXin can also provide you complete npk granulates fertilizer production lines. A complete npk granule production line includes crusher, batching machines, mixers, granulator, screening machines, dryers, coolers, coating machines, packaging machines and many other related equipment. If you want more than a granulator, we can also provide you with the above machines.

If you are just starting your own npk particles project, please let us know your production conditions and we can recommend the most suitable machine for your npk pelleting line. Different raw materials and scales have different npk particle production schemes. What’s more, according to your budget, the choice of npk pellet production line is also different. It is very important for you to choose a reasonable fertilizer solution and equipment, which allows you to get the maximum profit with the least money.

In short, no matter what you want, npk granulator, or a complete npk fertilizer production line, we can give you a very pertinent suggestion. So please feel free to contact us to start your npk compound fertilizer production plan as soon as possible.Moreover, we can send our installation engineer to your place to instruct installation, commissioning , and training your staff.

pan granulation line
100000 tons per year rotary drum granulation line

ShunXin npk granulator successfully sold to India

Not long ago, an Indian client invested in a project in an industrial park, and one of the factories of the project was a compound fertilizer plant. The factory mainly produces NPK 18:22:12 , 18:24:12 , 18:28:12 , 15:15:7.5 , 12:12:12 . The client informed us that he wanted a sophisticated NPK manufacturing plant that should be fully automated and without any initial issues in the process, so asked us for some professional advice.

Therefore,we provided some suggestions for production capacity to our customers: the first phase of the plant can produce 250 tons per month, after which it can be upgraded to a capacity of 2500 tons per month in 2 years. In order for customers to have a clearer understanding of the project and facilitate consideration and evaluation, we provide a quotation for a 250t/month factory and an estimate for a 2500t/month factory. After reaching a preliminary consensus with us, the customer invited us to visit the factory. After arriving at the factory, we help customers made a specific plan for the design layout and process of the factory. This cooperation with Indian customers has enabled our products to be successfully sold to India and increased international visibility.


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